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Job Description - Campaign Operation Manager


Roles and Responsibilities:

The Campaign Operations Manager will be a key member of our Marketing team, managing and executing 

campaign strategy to support the pipeline and drive demand generation. The role involves managing the overall 

campaign calendar, development and execution of the campaign strategy, end to end delivery of campaigns etc.

Your key responsibilities will be:

Campaign Strategy and Planning:

Collaborate with marketing team to develop email campaign strategies aligned with business 


Define target audiences, messaging, and campaign goals.

Develop email journeys and content that adhere to pharmaceutical industry guidelines and regulations.

Ensure that all email communications meet the specific requirements related to drug approvals, medical 

information, and healthcare compliance.

Facilitate the submission of email content for MLR review and approval and manage the revision 

process as needed to meet regulatory requirements.

Develop a content calendar for email campaigns.

Recommend industry best practices for crafting email journeys.

Email Campaign Execution:

Create and execute email marketing campaigns using marketing automation software.

Submission of content to MLR and  ensure email content is reviewed and approved.

Design and code email templates that adhere to industry standards and best practices.

Manage the email campaign schedule and ensure timely delivery.

Implement A/B testing to optimize email subject lines, content, and designs.

Conduct thorough proofreading and quality assurance checks to maintain the highest level of accuracy 

and professionalism in email content.

Verify that all information is free from errors, adheres to brand standards, and aligns with regulatory 


Ensure compliance with industry regulations and email marketing laws (e.g., GDPR, CAN-SPAM).

Participate in testing and quality control of email journeys to ensure all elements, including links, 

images, and tracking, function correctly.

Collaborate with the development team to troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise during email 

campaign testing.

3 Data Management and Segmentation:

Segment email lists based on relevant criteria, such as product sales, demographics and engagement.

Maintain and update the email subscriber database.

Monitor and maintain data hygiene to improve campaign performance.

4 Performance Analysis and Reporting:

Monitor key email marketing KPIs, such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI.

Use analytics tools to track and measure campaign effectiveness.

Generate and share reports with actionable insights to improve future campaigns.

5 Continuous Improvement:

Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

Make recommendations for process improvements and automation opportunities.

Analyse campaign performance data and generate insights to improve future email campaigns.

Provide actionable recommendations for optimizing email content, subject lines, and segmentation 

based on data-driven findings.

6) Collaboration and Communication:

Collaborate with brand SMEs, designers, and other team members to create compelling email content.

Communicate campaign results and insights to stakeholders.

Technical Competency:

Strong analytical skills, with the ability to draw insights from marketing data

Understanding of lead scoring, lead nurturing, segmentation, personalization and other lead/customer 

management practices

Knowledge of database structures, data hygiene, analytics and attribution

Proven experience managing and overseeing large marketing automation platforms

Technical aptitude, excellent communication skills and a desire to improve processes

Familiarity with General Data Protection Regulations and other relevant data protection laws

Functional Competency:

Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration or another related field

Minimum 5 years of work experience in marketing operations or a related field to work in this role.

Strong organizational and communication skills.

Flexibility, energy, and ability to work well with others in a cross functional environment.

Should be able to learn and upskill in new technologies.

Being a team player can deliver in a high pressure and high demanding environment


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