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Our Unique Services

In today's world, when "Adaptation to Change" is the key aspect of growth, our mission is to provide a bridge between the job seekers and employers. A highly motivated team of panelists, who are the best in their respective fields, accomplishes this objective. Along with this we provide parenting guidance to those who are curious to know the working attitude in the concerned field.
We understand our client’s requirements and issues. Clients face tremendous problems in dealing with different vendors for their various requirements. It is tough to make these multiple agencies work in tandem to bring in the end product required by the clients.
In an effort to smoothen the process, we have launched our unique service –

1. Recruitment
  -Absorb them early - Entry-level positions;
  -Find the best - Head hunting.

2. Outsourcing
  -Quality Manpower, test, check and recruit.

1. Recruitment

a2z YOUTH SOLUTION can takes over this part of the job. We being from the industry are aware of the profile of people working in most of the IT companies. We have a team of 8 people working exclusively for organizations and help them meet their requirement through head hunting.
We have a strict process before the candidate is sent to you for interview. Some of the steps are

1. Get your requirement and understand from your HR team the job profile and minimum requirement for the positions
2. Hunt for the profile from our database as well as calling these candidates to Enquire If they are interested for a change
3. These candidates are then required to meet us at our office for an initial round with our team member and then with a manager
4. Candidates are briefed about the requirements / expectations are assessed and If they match do we finalize the guy/gal
5. He is directed to your organization for the next round.

2. Outsourcing

India has become the hub of outsourcing for the World. Outsourcing has become an accepted process of meeting urgent manpower for a fixed period.
Organizations find it very tough to hire people for short assignments. Organizations in India do not like to fire people as it brings in insecurity to the existing staff. Outsourcing those positions have become a God send for those processes.
We at a2z YOUTH SOLUTION have a pool of professionals who at short notice can help you to meet your short term requirements. For a fraction of a cost you would be in a position to not only meet your short term Manpower requirement but also test a candidate and hire him/her permanently if you find them suitable there by eliminating the chances of hiring mistakes.

The recruitment services could be like following on the basis of client requirements.
Permanent staffing services company offering both staffing service and recruitment-process outsourcing service, customized to client’s requirements Contract Staffing, where we help clients place their staff on our payroll and we completely administer the employee benefit plans for such staff. We can also provide industry standard benefits customized to client’s requirements for ensuring parity in employee benefits between company’s staff and Temporary staff.

Benefits to Clients

  • Get elite candidate for proposed position at affordable cos
  • Reduce cost (include staffing or recruitment)
  • Save time for recruiting and placing candidate
  • Get staffing alternatives
  • Understand and judge candidate skill before permanenting

Benefits to Staffing Agency

  • Get benefit due to conversion from contractual to permanent
  • Better cash flow as payment receive weekly
  • Easily place contractual employee
  • Easy Exit strategy for recruiters

Payroll Outsourcing

We provide payroll services to small businesses as well as medium and large organisations.
A2z YOUTHSOLUTION offers many benefits which proves as to why payroll services should be outsourced to us. They are as follows:

  • PAN India presence
  • Secure, smart and reliable End to end payroll services
  • Proven industry experience
  • Various industry sector services
  • Flexible System
  • Modern Technology
  • Data Security

We have ensured that our payroll processing follows all the required standard of corporate governance and tax regulations.


1. Parenting counseling
What is parenting?
Parenting is just like gardening. A gardener knows the nature and the requirement of a plant. He, therefore, is able to take right decision about respective plants’ environment and food supplement like water, manure etc. In the same manner we should behave with our children, we should try to find out their zeal and the potential then we will able to give them right environment and resource to fulfill their as well as our dream. Parenting is a meditation on your child. It helps you to have a great peace in life. The days are gone when parent were imposing their ideas on child. Even these days if parent try to impose their career wish on their child it leads frustration along with depression in their child. So it high time now parent should coordinate with their child in the new developed scenario with great zeal to attain a good and developed family culture.
We a2z YOUTH SOLUTION do consider that in the age of specialization the students need a guidance to select the right course according to their wish and potential to get a right satisfaction level in their life. Keeping in mind the present scenario we have a team of experts in their respective field. They will counsel the parent and their son/daughter simultaneously to satisfy both of them for their queries regarding further career opportunities.
We do parenting counseling of 5th std. passed out onward and 10th std. passed out onward. In these two types we use different-different technique to reach the conclusion. In these two types of counseling student should come with their parent which will add extra advantage in the judgment.

2. Academic counseling
Why do we require Academic Counseling?
Recently sprouted number of courses developed confusion among the students that which one is better for them and in which field/courses they are competent to perform up to their incompetence level.
Which business school/university/college/institute is good and economical with good reputation?
Before the selection of course and college the students do feel that they must consult someone who has good knowledge about courses and implication of that one course. One should also be expert in the proper requisite for the selected course.

3. Career counseling
Most of the youth after completion of their education are standing on the cross-road for a long time and not able to decide that by which way they will get a suitable career. We a2z YOUTH SOLUTION gives them the right career counseling which will help them to have a quick decision within a bit of minute. The career counseling gives them great work-force energy to move forward in their career growth. The counseling also helps them to understand how they will have career growth and if they need a change from one specialized sector to another what kind of extra effort they will have to do.
Career counseling is the dire need of today’s modern society. It helps student to select a right career amongst the bundle of career opportunities.
We do career counseling of those who completed their graduation or in the last year of it.