What is Fear?

What is Fear?

 How to get rid of fear

let’s understand the fear first

It is created by just assumed future (perception build by brain or mind) and the information stored in form of various images in our mind of various events and traditions loaded with various meaning in hoary past.

Your implanted belief and many more things just work as a key factor to create a fear in Life.

Is not it?

Now just practice few ways to handle it.

1.      Nothing repeat (action and activity) in this universe. It always has new course of action. It seems similar at gross level but on subtle level it is completely different.

2.      There is no comparison of yours with anyone else.

3.      There is no competition in this world. Just try to be what you are.

4.      You get what you need. This is the arrangement of this universe. And you are getting what you have asked. You might forget but this universe never forgets it.

5.      You are in actually in relation with universal relationship of this universe, and when you have given meaning to that relationship creates the various desire and suffering. So just take it as relationship universal not biased.

6.      If something is loss means now you are not more with universal relationship with that. So simple and have a smile on your face look up and feel the mystery of life. Just stop thinking and blaming on self, you know nothing. Realise it.

7.      If you fail in any activity just think you are not meant for it. If you are pressurising yourself for getting that and harming self means creating stress for yourself, it is the work of your brain. It will create a lot of fear and stress.  And if you do the same without harming self and playing with it bothering any kind of result means you are in universal relationship. You will have the bliss irrespective of result.

8.      If you don’t belief in yourself, you are dependent for everything and then again the fear of loss and fear of wrong happening will be.

9.      Never boast yourself that creates the meaninglessness of yourself in your eyes and creates the fear of shame.

10.   Always be a learner because we all do not know everything so life should be like a river flow what comes in the ways if you full with joy engross it otherwise release it don’t ask with anyone for it, when you are in learning phase you can ask after that you should feel it. Learning phase for something is not last long. So always have your own bliss not others.

11.   Life is not your plan. It is just a happening and you should be with it to feel the happening, you don’t have to mark it good or bad, if you are with it you will be in fear of life. Just see it as a life happening don’t be attached and be aware of it. This awareness will destroy the fear of life and will make you tactful to handle it or how to be calm in this.

12.   Fear aroused from your believed Sanskara, just play with it don’t be attached. Don’t argue on it till you are completely aware of it.