What is Parenting?

Nurturing the inquisitive mind of children the way they are.

Parenting is just like gardening a plant as we don’t know the inherent capability of a seed we just give the right things and environment for its development and it grows its optimum. A gardener knows the nature and requirements of a plant. He, therefore, is able to take right decision about respective plant’s environment and food supplements like water, manure etc. In the same manner we should behave with our children, we should try to find out their zeal and the potential then we will able to give them right environment and resource to fulfill their as well as our dream. Parenting is a process of meditation on child growth and development. It helps us to have a great peace in life. The days are gone when parent were imposing their ideas on child and the child were just getting exposure form their relative and parents only. These days there are various open sources to get exposure regarding the career. Even these days if parent try to impose their career wish on their child it leads frustration along with depression in their child. So it high time now parent should coordinate with their child in the new developed scenario with great zeal to attain a good and developed family culture.

We might have heard that most of the people are not working as per their education. Why? Reason being they did not get the education as per their temperament but got the education by tradition. And when they got the opportunity they blossomed themselves in the way they wished.

Learning Tips

In this digital era there are various learning approach. Traditional, Audio and Video.

Now-a-days digital media is playing very vital role for the learning of any subject. Audio and video kind of digital media have many kind of learning approach. Like virtual animation of subject or live recording of subject etc.

Internet is the best resource to learn the any subject and respective topic but at the same time it is also harmful if not able to understand and appropriate content/ or certified.

Please do not go for the obscure subject. Always refer the right author and content.

What, Why, and By Whom Learning.

Education is the source of human development either formal, informal, subjective or general.

The means of learning also play the important role in the child development, therefore it is essential to know the nature of source you choose for education. If your source is perfect if will impact you very positive otherwise you will spoil yourself. This mind can be your friend if you train it accordingly otherwise it will reflect the n number of harmful result which may pave the way of stress, anxiety, and fear.

You train your mind positively. for an example you see the negative news and it builds your perception then why you build your perception with negative. As there was an accident on road if you show your mind first and repeatedly you would get the fear/ trauma of it. You must train your mind that the number of mass on the road is uncountable in that respect it is negligible means have no worth to think on that just take the precaution. And see the many instances of lovely driving.

Once incident of any unnatural event must not be your point of thought. Just leave it as you leave the rapper of biscuit. Just Chill.