Career Growth and Its Barriers

Career Growth and Its Barriers

I think you never thought of these questions seriously. You just know the information given to you by your parents / colleagues and neighbours and teachers since your birth. Life just you know what around you is happening not more than that.

Could you go a little bit more forward and look at yourself how different you are?
You never know how you are actually. You just imposed someone on you, isn’t it? You know the basic fact that the sign of two human thumbs never matches. Nature has done so much deep engineering. It makes everyone unique. Have you ever thought of it? Or just thought of that I am so meek and mediocre what can I do? There is a god sitting upward in sky doing all for us and it is his entire wish. Do not forget that to whomsoever you call god also came on the earth and died as you but there is a lot of difference between you and him. You have heard their birth and death both are not common it always remains mysterious. It is our choice how to live but unfortunately our education and social system nurture us that we do not have any choice and just follow them this is the only disaster happen in most of the people’s life.

I don’t want to go in deep philosophy of life just wish to tell you that you don’t be like anyone just be like as you are. And for being as you are you should take your responsibility only. It means whatever comes in your mind is only you think of it no one else is there. You brain has gathered information from various external sources (your sense organs) so you need to understand your psychological drama. If you focus on it you will find your own way.

We lose our being if cannot handle our psychological drama and get stuck to very common words developed and defined by the people competition and comparison. If you can get out of it you would never be in dilemma and doubt in your life. These two words throw you from your life.

There are two opposite forces in life one who oscillates between these two forces get lot of happiness in life. These two forces are very common for an example when you work out just stretching you muscles means putting pressure on your muscles this is one force and the other that your muscles working against the stretch. When you make a balance between these two and you enjoy your workout.

There are several examples in life; if you study hard against your wish then you will face a lot of psychological imbalance. This is the cause of turbulence in your life.

Now point is this how to handle this turbulence/stress in life. Just look yourself and think about yourself honestly and do whatever you have done take hundred percent responsibility never repent whatever you done. But psychology is that you never take responsibility of failure and exaggerate yourself saying that I can do the best but there were reasons…blab la blab... Here you raised a finger at yourself. Now this will create a lot of psychological stress. It might be possible you would try to work beyond your capacity and will start thinking about the work in others jurisdiction. Here your intellect cheats you for certain due respect.

Now, whatever you are doing for your livelihood may not be appropriate as per your inner ability (natural ability) because you made your career under social and financial and peer group pressure. You need to pay attention and around those people who are working as per their inner ability they are just enjoying their work as well as life. When we work as per our inner ability has balance between the two opposite forces which we talked earlier. Those people hardly have primary passion for money and status if it is then it is a by-product in their life.

Now you can better understand the importance the career selection. Isn’t it? If you lessen the burden of society means social pressure for career selection you can save yourself form the career mess.
Role of Counsellor:

The expert is which can guide you seeing your inner trait. He/ she can make you visible to yourself because sometimes people are blind to themselves mean they do not know themselves. It might be sometimes they can do better than what they are. There is a well-known concept of Johari Window to get to know self.

Expert can dissolve your myths which you have with certain career aspects. Various suggestions may lead you with right choice with your inherent ability and acceptance. Acceptance is the phenomenal change in life.

Always keep in mind you are here for certain period of time so enjoy it with your inner ability rather than creating whole life mess with competition and comparison with others. You should relish the work of your ability as well as the fruit of others ability. It does not make any difference, if we can see the interdependence of each other.